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What to consider before a fireworks display?

Fireworks are a great way to celebrate a special occasion and entertain an audience of any age. If you are looking to launch a fireworks display for any type of event there are various things to consider. Here are some of the areas with which you should be familiar.



If you are going to be launching a fireworks display in Adelaide you must be familiar with any of the state and federal laws associated with private firework use. If something should happen to go wrong, you will want to be on the right side of the law to avoid any legal hassles.


Know Your Site

Every site is different and knowing the potential dangers of where you will be using the fireworks is important. Ensure the bystanders are at a safe distance and that there aren’t any animals nearby.


Know Your Materials

Knowing which materials are appropriate for use and which are not is imperative to your safety and the safety of your guests. Many amateur firework enthusiasts for example use generic PVC pipe to store their fireworks. This however is incredibly dangerous. If the firework should happen to explode early, it could split the pipe into shreds and endanger those nearby. Likewise knowing specifics such as how to connect fuses and whether you will be using sequential or concurrent firing is pivotal to minimising any dangers.


Keep it brief

People want a show to be entertaining but not to go on forever. Try to make sure your show lasts less than 30 minutes. Fireworks are expensive and there is little point to having too much of a good thing if the attention of your audience isn’t held.

Remember that though fireworks are a form of entertainment, they can also be dangerous. Consider these guides when planning your show and if you are inexperienced, make sure you consult a professional.


SA Fireworks has been dazzling audiences & lighting up the Adelaide skies with Pyrotechnic displays for over a quarter of a century, or as we like to say we have been enhancing the “ohhh & ahhh” levels.

Indoor Pyrotechnics are leaders in the provision of close proximity indoor pyrotechnics and special effects (such as coloured smoke or smoke effects), while the SA Fireworks arm of the business specialise in the outdoor market, with events like pyromusicals and wedding fireworks. Both sections of the company are proud to be South Australian owned and operated.

With indoor effects that can be detonated with as little as 3 metres clearance to outdoor products with colours that will amaze, we can design and choreograph incredible indoor and outdoor firework displays that will last as memories long after the show has finished.

We have a range of further information available.


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