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Adding the WOW factor With Flame FX

Flame FX are a must for any sporting event or rock band performing on stage. You can even use them in plays to simulate special effects, which would otherwise be created by means of computer generation. They can give that WOW factor to any performance.


You can create all kinds of flame effects from fire balls to flame columns using coloured fuels in combination with propane or other flammable liquids to produce Co2 FX. These self-sustained special effects can create heat effects, light effects, smoke effects and sound effects for an audience that is within a reasonable amount of distance.


There are a variety of different effects like the airburst, which is like a hanging charge that starts spinning and as it does it releases sparks of fire. Then there are the more grandiose effects like the comet, which resembles a shooting star once ignited, or a preloaded smoke pot that looks like a mushroom cloud similar to that of a nuclear explosion. 


Fire FX have awed and entertained audiences in Adelaide for years, especially during the holidays like New Year where the night sky seems to explode into flashes of bright, multi-coloured lights.


These special effects machines offer theatrical companies and musicians a way to impress an audience in a time when special effects in 3D movies are already prevalent and difficult to beat.


These pyrotechnics can also be used in rodeo shows or to simulate car explosions and things like that for the purpose of heightening the entertainment value of a performance. Of course fire isn’t the only option. There are a variety of other FX that one can opt for like smoke effects.


Smoke effects can turn a graveyard into something creepy and eerie which is great if you happen to be filming an amateur horror flick, like your own version of The Blair Witch Project. They can even be used in concerts or plays as well.


You’ll find two different types of flame FX products that are available. One is meant for commercial use. These are the fireworks that you can buy for the kids. There are even FX machines that are portable enough for you to own one and carry it around to wherever you need it. The other type is the one that is used by professionally authorized pyro technicians. These are the ones that handle the flame FX for those seen on stages or those seen in the night sky during New Year.


Safety however is of upmost importance. With professional pyrotechnics, that’s not usually an issue because there are licensed technicians who oversee everything before using them. If you have your own machine then there is a level of common sense and safety measures that you must adhere to in order to keep yourself and others out of harm’s way. Safety must never be overlooked as it can cause serious injuries like eye damage and burns to the skin.


Having said that, flame FX are cool, exciting and fun to look at and they make any event far more entertaining.

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