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Pyrotechnics & Special Effects
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An Introduction to Indoor Fireworks Displays

If you’re based in Adelaide and are looking for a way to make your next event memorable, you should consider an indoor fireworks display. As an event manager you can have a safe and affordable experience that brings an ambience that is unmatched. Pyrotechnics are exciting and can often ensure a larger audience for your event.

Types of Indoor Fireworks

There are various popular types of indoor fireworks. There are firework fountains which are normally 4 inches long and shoot a trail of sparks into the air, usually around 70cm. They are easy to light and can be placed in any object of interest, such as a cake or champagne bottle. Fortunately, the amount of smoke is very minimal which is important if your event will be dealing with food. Another popular option is indoor sparklers, which also minimise the smoke output and are smaller than their outdoor counterparts. If you have a larger space such as a dance floor to play with, smoke effect based pyrotechnics or not firework based products like confetti may also be an option.

So what are the benefits of indoor fireworks?


Unlike other forms of fireworks, these are very simple and still effective. Little preparation is needed and you often may not even need a professional to detonate them.


Another benefit of indoor fireworks is that they require little space. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually detonate these pyrotechnics in a relatively small area. Depending on the model that is being used you may only need a space as small as 3 metres for clearance.


Another important aspect to consider is safety. Fortunately indoor fireworks can be a lot safer than their outdoor counterparts. This is because they are generally less powerful and are smoke based rather than fire based. If you take all the appropriate precautions you need not worry about your safety with indoor fireworks.

Special Effects

Incredible sparks and coloured displays are available with these types of pyrotechnics. For memorable special effects in a confined area there are a variety of options.

What types of events need indoor fireworks?

There are dozens of events to choose from and anything from Christmas parties to school fundraisers can be a great setting. Likewise community events such as carnivals also provide a great place to let them off.

So where can you get indoor fireworks?

Well there are hundreds of places online to buy indoor fireworks, but it is first important that you understand what is legal in your country. When making a purchase however you should always consider a reputable dealer and ensure you are given professional advice as how to employ the product.

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