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Why have Fireworks at your Wedding?

Fireworks can give this original experience. They are only used in special occasions and have that something extra that always causes people to turn their heads to admire them

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Booking and Budgeting for a Fireworks Display
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Why go with CO2 FX?

CO2 FX products are a great way to enhance your next special event.

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Automated Displays Vs Non Automated Displays

We are now living in 2015 and technology is with us. With the advancement of Automated digital firing systems like Fireone, this is the system that SA Fireworks uses,

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Onkaparinga Australia Day Skyshow 2015

SA Fireworks once again rocked the skies over Onkaparinga at the Australia Day 2015 Skyshow.

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Adding the WOW factor With Flame FX

Flame FX are a must for any sporting event or rock band performing on stage.

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Smokes and Mirrors with Co2 Special FX

Co2 special FX are one of the most fascinating ways to bring Hollywood-type special effects to a live audience. Granted, it’s no substitute for actual CGI special effects but it’s still quite impressive. Co2 FX have been used in a variety of venues like theatre, music concerts, even television and movie productions

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An Introduction to Indoor Fireworks Displays

If you’re based in Adelaide and are looking for a way to make your next event memorable, you should consider an indoor fireworks display.

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Why consider coloured smoke displays for your event?

Pyrotechnic displays can prove a great addition to any social event. They are captivating to audiences of all ages and create an ambience that fosters excitement and memories. Pyrotechnics are the perfect thing to help you highlight the importance of an event when you want to mark a special occasion.

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How to use Fireworks and Pyrotechnics to make sure your Next Event is a Success

Pyrotechnics and fireworks come full of explosions, fire, flashes of lights, sound and smoke. For years, they’ve been used to attract and entertain audiences both outdoor and indoor around the world.

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