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Automated Displays Vs Non Automated Displays

Once upon a time in pyro land the humble pyrotechnician shooting displays was able to only run around on an oval hand lighting fireworks and trying to arrange it in some sort of order to please the viewing audience.

We are now living in 2015 and technology is with us. With the advancement of Automated digital firing systems like Fireone, this is the system that SA Fireworks uses, this has advanced us on how we now preform displays. All the shows are designed on the computer so we can see what we are shooting and how the display will look like before we even shoot it live. Once the person finishes the pyro choreography he then exports as a fire file into the firing system ready to shoot.

The system allows us to shoot any amount of fireworks in multiple positions in any time frequence up to hundreds of a second. This technology has opened a new world for the fireworks operator being able to display his creativeness in a whole new way where before he had his limitations.

Yes some pyros still like to argue that it is not the same has hand lighting displays, smelling the sulphur up your nose and filling the concussions. Yes that is a novelty but we are here to please the spectators and not just our self's. In my opinion Digital Systems like Fireone is the future of the fireworks industry.

If you are one wanting to book a fireworks display please contact us at http://www.safireworks.com.au/Fireworks-Displays-pg26654.html

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