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Booking and Budgeting for a Fireworks Display


First let me point out that I am writing from a perspective of conducting a fireworks display in Adelaide Australia cost associated with a fireworks display will vary from state to state country to country. 

There are a lot of hidden behind the scene costing that a fireworks operator needs to allow and compensate for, e.g... air craft movement control"notification" in Australia this is governed by CASA, local fire brigade fees, Government application fees, notification fees to the surrounding affected public, and the list can go on.

Generally I normally summarise and brake down the costing of booking a display into 5 groups.

A. $30K + = This is typical of a major corporate large scale community event.

B. $20K = Corporate event (pyromusical), combination of multiple special effects

C. $10K = Community event (pyromusical) e.g.. what a local council or a local Government body would put on.  

D. $6K =  Small community event e.g.. Christmas Carols at a local church event. 

E. $3K to $4K = small local event (fund raiser) or a private event e.g.. wedding  

With this thoughts in mind the persons wishing to book a fireworks display should consider the following,  

A: When am I wishing to book a fireworks display 6 weeks notice to a fireworks operator is a good lead time (the more time the better). When dealing with local Government bodies a lot of time can be wasted and tied up in paperwork and discussions.   
B. Where do I want to hold the fireworks display, who owns the land? Holding a fireworks display on privately owned land is much easier than having a fireworks display on local Government own land. So conduct a little research before proceeding in discussing this with the fireworks operator.

C. What is my budget, have realistic expectations, (you are not going to get a large scale pyromusical fireworks display for $2.5k!).        

D. Consider the local weather conditions for that time of year, no good wanting to book a fireworks display if no body is standing around to watch it apart from the fireworks crew.

E. What will the impact be to the local surrounding community. Now you may be asking or thinking what? Lets say you consider having a display on an oval and next to that oval or nearby is an Animal Shelter or old peoples nursing home. The fireworks noise will impact on that in a big way, again a little research goes a long way.            

If you are still needing a little more information we have two paghes on the web site that can assist with a that: Requirements For Outdoor Fireworks Displays,
Budgets, Permits & Fees
I hope that this little information makes it slightly easier for you to decide for your next fireworks display event.  


Thank You for reading.


Nick Papamichael



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