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Pyrotechnics & Special Effects

Cryogenics Fx


SA Fireworks we are able to provide you with a full range of atmospheric cyrogenics effects such as CO2 Jets and Co2 Low Fog that can be safely used at indoor and outdoor events.
Co2 is an instant jet of smoke that can be shot on cue and reaches heights up to 12m in a split second and will disappear as quick as it appears. The sheer velocity and power of our Co2 effects highlights any performance.

Co2 Jets

Co2 Jets create an instantaneous or continuous column of white (cloud) mist that can create an illusion effect to allow something or someone to be revealed or be released on music cues to enhance a theatrical moment.

Co2 Jets
Co2 Jets Color Changing

Co2 FX Jets

Co2 Low Fog

Co2 low fog creates a blanket or fog effect that can enhance the visual experience of the event or production.

We have various sized machines to cater for all types of events, Ranging from large touring productions
to small production events such as weddings

Co2 Low Fog

Co2 FX, Low Fog

Co2 Low Fog at Weddings



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