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Pyrotechnics & Special Effects


Safety in a fireworks display site should be of the highest priority, as it is at SA Fireworks. We have a number of safety measures that ensure the success and safety of every event we manage, and have a draft Occupational Health Safety & Welfare policy which includes provision for risk assessments. This approach means that the principles and practice of Risk Management are applied to all stages of every production.

Risk Management

The Supervising Pyrotechnician will conduct on site risk management report high lighting any potential risk during the display and ways to reduce or nullify the risk.



The mortars we use to fire aerial shells are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe or fibreglass. If, for some reason, a shell explodes in the mortar this material will absorb the explosion without shrapnel being exploded out. We DO NOT use steel or aluminium mortars.

Fall Out Zone

Every site we work at has a designated area which is designated to absorb any shells which drop back due to non detonation. This is a must so we can easily identify and remove any live shells.

Boundary Parameters

Bunting and safety signs are placed up at every show where public access is an issue clearly indicating to the spectators that the following area is a no go zone.

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire fighting equipment is available and easily accessible at every display.

The Crew

Our crew are all highly trained in handling and lighting fireworks. We have a zero tolerance in regards to alcohol and drugs to ensure the ability of our crew to perform.

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