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Pyrotechnics & Special Effects

Confetti Fx

We can create an instant blast of confetti and streamers, or a continuous effect of confetti raining down. This can mark a celebration using any colour combination.

Our range of premium streamer/confetti launchers in a wide variety of models and configurations. The launchers are made from the highest quality materials available and are professionally finished for the best presentation and functionality.

Whether for personal parties, business events or professional staging, SA Fireworks has the right launcher.

There are small handheld units, giant canons for outdoor use, mounted remote control units, single use and multi-shot stage launchers.

Whether you are looking for supply through sales or hire, SA Fireworks can assist with your requirements.

AirFx, Indoor Pyrotechnics   


Air Streamer & Confetti Cannons

Stage air cannons are designed for stage use or to be flown in the grid or lighting truss. They require a 240v general power point or can be run from a lighting dimmer rack.
The barrel solenoid section can be detached, allowing it to be set up separately via truss clamps. This allows the operator greater flexibility when aiming the barrel or, if necessary, to hide the body section to be discreet. The barrel holds approximately 1.5kg of product.

Streamers (One Direction 2013)


CO2 Flutter / Confetti Cannons


CO2 flutter cannons are designed to propel a large volume of metallic or tissue flutter over a large area. This type of effect is perfect for large outdoor/indoor stadiums.

Co2 Flutter Cannons

Co2 Flutter Cannons (One Direction 2013)  


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