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Pyrotechnics & Special Effects

Flame Fx

SA Fireworks’ has access to various LPG "Propain" Flame Fx to give your next production a realistic experience.

Flame Fx have been used in the Movie SFX industry for decades. In recent years we have seen Flame Fx enter the realm of large scale touring productions and sporting events.

Flame FX at sport events    Flame FX at concerts


The various types of simulators we currently use:


This type of effect creates a LPG ball flame effect

Dragon Flame FX

Sunshine,  Isopar Flame Units

These create multiple columes of LPG Flame

Colours Available: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow.  

Demo 1 of Sunshine Flame Unit

Demo 2 of Sunshine Flame Unit




Sunshine Flame FX


Liquid Flames

This type of effect is used on stage, it created a liquid flames which has the ability to change colour.

Liquid Flames Fireworks Displays

Fast Tray Flame Fx Simulator

The fast tray has various uses as a movie prop: create a camp fire when placed into a pit and flameproof props are used around it; or when placed around a large stage, the flames can create an extreme visual experience. For example we were asked by a local production company to create a camp fire experience, for an Easter Musical Production called Jesus The Rock. An actor, located two meters high on a scaffolding "stage", was playing the roll of a Jewish Priest in the temple, whilst standing next to the Fast Tray he was able to safely play the dramatic scene as we controlled the height of the flames. The produces named it as “a highlight” of the production.

Fast Tray Flame FX Simulator


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