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Pyrotechnics & Special Effects

Indoor Pyrotechnics

SA Fireworks’ Indoor Pyrotechnics arm is licensed to import explosives and export pyrotechnic effects. We have access to most known types of pyrotechnic effects available for indoor usage, and being providers of close proximity pyrotechnics we have the ability to create stunning professional indoor displays.

We can punctuate your show or event with unique and special stage effects. We have trained and licensed Pyro technicians to design, construct and deliver stage effects that will be remembered long after the final spark has faded.

We are able to deliver a wide variety of pyrotechnics to meet all your requirements. For example: smoke, fire, sparkling fountains or shooting streamers and raining tinsel foil to transform a room.

Indoor Pyrotechnics also acts as consultants for the design of pyrotechnic effects for all sorts of occasions including private parties, weddings, theater events, concerts, corporate events and product launches.

Indoor Fireworks Displays


If you are requiring inspiration for your next production, The following video gives you an idea with what can be achieved with pyrotechnics.
We do carry in stock all the brands listed.  

Brands we stock and distribute of Indoor Pyrotechnic Effects.


Full range of pyrotechnic effects include:

Air Bursts

No flammable material is used in the construction of air bursts (i.e.. glad wrap). Our air burst wrapping is a specially formulated non toxic, high vaporising plastic film. Air Bursts are designed to be suspended from the ceiling or lighting truss and generate a quick bright flash coupled with a wide burst of coloured sparks. There are 4 x colours available - white, red, green, yellow and they provide a 3.0m wide burst. There is a minimum ceiling height required for safety.

Air Bursts



A single shot of sparks projected up to a height of 5m.

Indoor Comet


Glitter Bombs

No flammable material is used in the construction of aerial bombs. A bang on ignition, coupled with a multidirectional burst of the product.
Glitter Bombs are designed to be suspended from the ceiling or lighting truss. These are fantastic for creating a party atmosphere with product
shooting out up to 7m. Minimum ceiling height required to be fully effective. Example shown here when we did some for John Farnham.

Glitter Bomb


Confetti, Glitter & Streamer Cartridges

A bang on ignition coupled with a directional burst of the product.

Glitter Cartridge

Streamer Cartridge


Flame Pots

Provide a constant narrow column of red flame with varying burn times available from 5 seconds to 20 seconds.

Flame Pots


Line Rockets

A rocket type of effect traveling along a cable trailing a narrow column of sparks burn times available 20 seconds.

Line Rocket 1
Line Rocket 2


LPG Flame Balls

Continuous burn of LPG Flame.

LPG Flame Balls



A constant narrow column of white sparks. Can be mounted on the floor or suspended to create a waterfall effect. There are 6 burn times available: 4 seconds; 6 seconds; 8 seconds; 10 seconds; 15 seconds; and 20 seconds.



Maroons & Concussions

Loud bang, designed to be detonated in a bomb tank. 5 sizes available of varying dB level - blue tip, no:1, no:2, (no:3 & no:5 outdoor use only).

Concussions and Airbursts


Mini Mines

Intended for large venue or outdoor use only. A giant burst of instant single or multi colour sparks. There are many varieties available including: Blue Yellow & cascade White glitter Purple Purple & cascade Red & white glitter Red Red & cascade Green & white glitter Green Green & cascade Blue & white glitter Blue & cascade Purple & white glitter.

Mini Mines


Silver Jets

A quick narrow column burst of white sparks.

Silver Jet


Flash Pots

An indoor pyrotechnic device which is great for a sudden reveal or capture of the audience's attention.

Flash Pot


Smoke Effects

For an in depth look into smoke emitters and their possible uses, have a look at the website at www.firesys.com.au.
Note: It is important to note that coloured smoke can stain fabrics and has a corrosive element which may harm to electronics and other sensitive equipment so we recommended that “clean smoke” be used. We are able to supply the smoke cartridges primed with detonators ready for electric detonation or unwired for manual ignition. Once detonated, as these do burn hot, they must be placed in a metal canister.

Smoke Emitter



Continues fall of pyrotechnic sparks.




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