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Pyrotechnics & Special Effects


Outdoor Fireworks Displays

SA Fireworks has been dazzling South Australian audiences & lighting up the southern skies with fireworks now for over a quarter of a century, or as we like to say we have been enhancing the “ohhh & ahhh” levels.

So weather you are seeking a Pyromusical Grand Spectacular, Sporting Event, Community Event or Festival or a Memorable Wedding we can tailor suit a package just right for you. 

Our state of the art computer firing system (Fireone) and design software enables our performances to be choreographed with music and all multimedia. In addition, the integration of robust computer firing hardware allows fireworks to be fired from an unlimited number of locations to produce the ultimate pyrotechnics extravaganza.

So no matter which event you have been to whether it is:

If you have seen a fireworks display, more than likely it has been SA Fireworks.


Why fireworks?

Undoubtedly, most people love fireworks. If you are a promotions manager or event coordinator and you want to attract attention and attendance then budget for a choreographed fireworks display.  This will attract a much larger target audience and provide a lasting impression of your event.

Events that benefit from a fireworks display include:

Next time you see a fireworks display, think of SA Fireworks – Lighting up the Southern Skies!


SA Fireworks stocks a wide range of outdoor fireworks

SA Fireworks carries a large range of outdoor pyrotechnics in some of the worlds best brands such as Icon. With a large range of pyrotechnics and a state of the art digital firing system, we are able to design multiple types of firework displays to suit every theme or artistic concept for all manner of events.   


Require a skyshow pyromusical experience?

SA Fireworks own and operates it's own FM low powered broadcasting transmitters. This allows the company to broadcast the pyromusical over the FM bandwidth to a localised area of 5klm with out interfering with other broadcasters on the FM Band frequency.
This will allow events to create a true Skyshow Pyromusical experience to it's audience by providing them to listen to the music on FM Stereo whilst enjoying the firework display.

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