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Pyro Radio is a service that SA Fireworks offers for outdoor events. The company has access to the equipment and has the skill sets to perform an Outdoor Broadcast on FM Radio. We are able to broadcast the content on FM radio up to 5 kilometres. The content for airplay is normally made professionally for us by a local radio station. We normally broadcast to a allocated FM frequency allocated to us by ACMA so we are not interfering with other broadcasters.    

The content being aired on Pyro Radio is normally for preshow entertainment, we would normally broadcast a 5 hour block of prerecorded air time.     
During the fireworks display, SA Fireworks will broadcast the music for the fireworks display so the audience can enjoy a Skyshow experience by listening to the music on the radio whilst watching the fireworks display.     

Once a client has agreed to use Pyro Radio we will discuss what type of content "music genre" they would like aired plus any advertising they are wishing to aired as well. Clients who have obtained sponsors to the event can offer free or paid slots to be aired on Pyro Radio.

Major Corporates who are wanting to promote their branding to a localised market or be seen getting involved behind the event can also be promoted on Pyro Radio.  

For more information on Pyro Radio please email us at [email protected]    


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