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Indoor Pyrotechnics & SA Fireworks Pty Ltd has been trading with in South Australia for over a 35 years. The company has been responsible for spectacular firework displays and special effects for some of South Australia’s major corporate events. As our name states “SA Fireworks” our branding has become synonyms for outdoor firework displays, no matter the size and type of event.

Indoor Pyrotechnics was the first division to be started with in the company over 25 years ago. The company was founded on a vision of providing spectacular indoor pyrotechnic effects for a wide range of audience, ranging from corporate events such as product launches, celebration events, religious events, funerals, rock concerts, theatre, and even girl events.   

Today we work on all styles and sized shows and have the ability to enhance your event by providing you with exactly what you need: small additions to enhance your event; various levels of service; materials alone; or an individually designed and executed spectacle of light, colour, smoke and sound. With Indoor pyrotechnic effects that can be detonated with as little as 3 metres clearance to outdoor products with colours that will amaze, we can design and choreograph incredible indoor and outdoor firework displays that will last as memories long after the show has finished.

SA Fireworks is not limited in where we are able to conduct displays. We have crew in the following geographical areas and are able to preform fireworks / special effects displays in: Brisbane, Far North Queensland,  Melbourne, Sydney, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands.


SA Fireworks, Enhancing The Ohh & Ahh Levels At Your Event!


Mission Statement

Indoor Pyrotechnics & SA Fireworks Pty Ltd specialise in the supply of a wide range of fireworks for display to the public and pyrotechnics for commercial use. This range of products includes aerial, ground and special set piece fireworks as well as stage special effects. 

The nature of the activities and management's objective places particular emphasis on experience, expertise, capability and quality to support the products which perform at the highest level and maintain the Company's position as a recognised pyrotechnics display operators.

The aim of it's directors is to foster the art of pyrotechnics which brings the ultimate spectrum and fulfilment to it's audience.                  


Safety and Quality Statement

To continually improve pyrotechnic safety systems and work practices for all work sites and the greater pyrotechnic community.


Partnership Capabilities 

SA Fireworks has partnered with several pyrotechnic display & special effects companies nationally, this has enlarged capabilities to cater for multiple types of events Australia wide such as Large Scale Indoor Touring Productions, Outdoor Pyromusicals Spectaculars, Sporting Events, Outdoor Music Events.


Fireworks Adelaide provide fully automated and pre-customisable showsPyrotechnic Equipment

SA Fireworks have the ability to provide a fully automated and pre-customisable show, so suit any specific or special requests for a fireworks display.

With the investment of a world class firing system, Firelite, We are able to do shows capable of doing in excess of 4500 cues.

This allows us to provide extravagant and magnificent shows as we now have the ability to create precision fireworks chases as well as layering our fireworks shows to give your event an amazing and big feel.

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SA Fireworks is a member of Pyrotechnics Industry Association of Australia "PIAA". All members are required to comply with state regulations as relevant. By engaging the services of a PIAA member you can be assured of professional & competent personnel experienced in the Fireworks Industry.

PIAA: Safer Displays for All.


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