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Smokes and Mirrors with Co2 Special FX

Co2 special FX are one of the most fascinating ways to bring Hollywood-type special effects to a live audience. Granted, it’s no substitute for actual CGI special effects but it’s still quite impressive. Co2 FX have been used in a variety of venues like theatre, music concerts, even television and movie productions.

Have you ever seen a film about Dracula where mist starts pouring into a room like warm champagne and then the mist becomes the legendary vampire? This is just one of the many effects that Co2 allows entertainment producers to create, especially when you’re on a budget.

Co2 special FX can also be used to create an eerie atmosphere in amusement parks or theatrical productions. But they are capable of so much more. They can be used at nightclubs. Add a couple of strobe lights and lasers and you can create additional lighting effects, including the colour that the Co2 smoke fog creates.

You don’t have to be a film producer or even a theatre producer to have access to a Co2 Special FX machine. You can go to a novelty shop or a Halloween store and buy yourself a portable machine that can create the fog and mist effects right in your own home. If Halloween isn’t your thing then try using it during Christmas. You and the kids can recreate a Christmas Carol in a living room play or you can do it outdoors. Imagine how more realistic the scene with the ghosts that haunt Scrooge will look like with one of these Co2 devices to add to the effects?

Co2 special FX has multiple uses and it can distort reality in ways that are both subtle and gross. With the help of lasers, you can recreate a spooky looking vortex that has spiralling clouds. You may have also noticed that during concerts and raves, the performers will usually shout something or make an arm gesture and the stage suddenly comes to life with erupting fireworks in the background? That is also part of the Co2 special effect called flame FX.
But Co2 special FX doesn’t have to be crazy or exotic either. A lot of the magic that Co2 effects provide comes in the form of smoke FX. You may have noticed that magicians have been using tricks of smoke and light for years. You’ve probably seen them on shows like Australia’s Got Talent where a magician can make themselves appear or disappear. With all their slick movements and incantations, you may not realize until the last moment when they seem to drop something on the floor and ZAP! Smoke fills the stage for a second and when it goes away the magician has vanished!


Because Co2 uses liquid nitrogen, safety measures must be taken. Now it’s not as bad as it sounds. Co2 has a way of using oxygen up. If you use too much you could wind up sucking the air out of the room and the fun along with it. Make sure that the area you use the Co2 special FX in is open and well ventilated. You also have to handle the equipment properly so that the liquid doesn’t cause frostbite in your fingers. But don’t worry. There’s virtually no chance that you’ll turn out like the liquid metal Terminator in T2 if you spill the Co2.

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