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Pyrotechnics & Special Effects


SA Fireworks has invested in various technology to help us design & choreograph, implement and execute state of the art firework displays. This technology can be used for both outdoor and indoor pyrotechnic displays.  



Digital Firing Systems

Fireones digital firing control panels enables us to shoot fireworks from multiple positions simultaneously. 

Fireones XL2  &  XL4 are a compact, portable, digital firing panels that has all the ease of use of a highly portable manual-firing panel with none of the drawbacks of the large cables and attendant wiring nightmares of outdated multiple conductor firing systems. XL firing panels utilizes FireOne's revolutionary, innovative 2-wire™ connection system. No bulky cables or broken connectors with the 2-wire™ System. 


Fireone Wired & Wireless Modules

Our wired and wireless modules interface with Fireones firing control panels.   With the wireless modules we can shoot remotely up to 1000m / 1klm. This allows us to positions items quite quickly or when running cables is not practical to do so.      


Software for Music & Fireworks Choreography 

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition allows us to create stunning music tracks for use in pyromusicals displays, the quality is able to be used in conjunction with TV & Radio Broadcasting.   

Fireones Creative Software Suite 

ScriptMaker / CueMaker / Timecode Wizard is software intelligence behind all the firing system.  
The Software allows you to design shows to music, create a timecode and execute to fireworks display.    


Showsim is a program where we can create a visual simulation of the display so the pyrotechnic choreographer and the client can visually see what the display will see and sound like. A jpeg image of the fireworks area can also be imported so you can get a sense of what it will look like ,on the night.     


FM Radio Broadcasting Equipment 


SA Fireworks owns and operates FM low powered broadcasting transmitters. This allows the company to broadcast the pyromusical over the FM bandwidth to a localised area of 5klm with out interfering with other broadcasters on the FM Band frequency.
This will allow events to create a true Skyshow Pyromusical experience to it's audience by providing them to listen to the music  whilst enjoying the firework display or promotional advertising before and after the event on FM Stereo. 


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