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Pyrotechnics & Special Effects

Budgets, Permits & Fees

The Show Budget -

The budget of the show depends on the size, complexity, firing location, number of fireworks, types of fireworks used as well as a number of other factors.

The show budget is all-inclusive and includes components such as materials, labour, show permits, transportation, fire service personnel, equipment fees, and GST sales tax. SA Fireworks will work with you to develop a firework show within the budgetary requirements.

Show Permits -

Depending on the time of years and climatic conditions a show might require a permit from the local fire authority.  SA Fireworks will be responsible for obtaining the relevant permit for the jurisdiction of the firing location.

In addition to the fire authority permits there could be additional permits or permission required. Firing locations near airports will often need the permission of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).
Firing locations on or near boating / shipping waterways will often need an Aquatic Licence issued by the Department of Transport and Infrastructure (DTI).

Timing Consideration -

While SA Fireworks moves at the speed of business, most government departments, agencies and councils do not. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible so we may obtain all the necessary permits and permissions for your show.  In General we strongly suggest at least Four (4) weeks notice is required.   

Other Costs & Fees -

While SA Fireworks will take care of paying for all the various costs of producing the show, there are some additional third party costs that are included beyond our fee. We’ve listed some of the various other costs that a client could incur.

Fire Service Personnel -
Depending on the firing location, time of year and climatic conditions the show permit might not include the cost of having a local CFS fire appliance present.

Usage of Local Council and Government owned lands -
Some lands owned by Local Councils and Government attract fees for usage of the property.



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