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Why go with CO2 FX?

CO2 FX products are a great way to enhance your next special event. The incredible MagicFX® dominator for example is a carbon dioxide powered special effects dynamo. It provides users with 5-way control over their CO2 display which results in infinite effects potentiality. The CO2 Dominator is the more sophisticated sibling of the popular MagicFX®CO2 Jet, so you have so many more creative CO2 FX possibilities than you can imagine.

So just exactly what are CO2 FX (effects)?

CO2 effects are special effects which consist of controlled CO2 producing a haze in many colours which can be manipulated and engineered creatively to provide a light-show display which will amaze. When CO2 effects are put on with simple guns or jet machines the result is quite incredible. With the Dominator the possibilities are simply endless. Because of the five-way controls and several other dynamic features the user of the Dominator can put on some very spectacular CO2 light shows which could only be imagined in years gone by. The experience will be talked about for some time to come. The CO2 FX products are equipped with on-board DMX and red LED warning lights. They have the ability to design and create various shapes, with easily attachable coloured lights.

How safe is are CO2 FX, and how can I ensure the safety of everyone involved?

While there are precautions which should be taken when operating anything which uses power or chemicals such as carbon dioxide there are safety precautions which should be taken. It is essential to know what you are doing at all times, and be sure to follow all instructions and training you have received. While the use of the MagicFX® CO2 is a completely safe way to have a good time and entertain your guest or throw a real show you want to always make sure to be responsible and use wisdom when operating. By abiding by the manufacturer's directions and exercising care you will be able to put on and enjoy an incredible CO2 show courtesy of MagicFX®.

CO2 effects are one of the most entertaining and exciting methods of putting on a show today. With the ability to manoeuvre numerous CO2 emissions simultaneously, while adding an array of lights and sounds to the display, you are virtually running the show for everyone. It is a safe, memorable way to have the most fun you have ever had in your life. See what MagicFX.eu has to offer you in the CO2 Dominator. You will never want to use another CO2 effects machine again, so check it out today!

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